I've been working with studio owner, Tamara Aprea for more than 10 years. Tamara's deep knowledge of the body and therapeutic applications of Pilates techniques is superb. Whether in a one on one session or group mat class, Tamara is able to address each client's needs and provide safe and healing instruction. As I age (68 now!), Tamara is right in sync with my changing needs. I have complete confidence that my health and wellbeing are being nourished in a caring, healing, professional manner. 
Pilates Loft's teachers are meticulously educated and reflect the intelligent, warm and peacefully enthusiastic attitude
Alice R. Curl

Pilates Loft has been an important part of my life for almost ten years. Tamara has helped me significantly improve body strength and flexibility by continually adapting my exercise program to meet my changing needs. I look forward to each session and leave feeling great and with a sense of confidence and renewed commitment to maintaining a strong and healthy body.
Kathryn Mathey.



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a true fan

Each of us is unique. Our bodies different, our physical abilities vary, and exercise wants/ needs are as individual as snowflakes. The team at Pilates Loft is constantly aware of the vast differences in their clients, and adjusts accordingly. No session is determined by a set of guidelines, but is adapted as the client's need change day-to-day.
V. Sangunett


We are all unique!

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Tamara is smart, skilled, and knowledgeable, yet relaxing, personable, and fun -- all while helping me take good care of my back, which is essential in my line of work.
D. Votruba Ph.D PLC


Strikes a wonderful balance!

What a peaceful place to take Pilates. Love the new studio space. Tamara has been helping me keep my body in harmony for 12+ years. When you are out of balance Tamara and Sue can help you out.
Debbie V.

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A peacful