We start all new clients with  a initial consultation, this allows us to assess your movement patterns and address any questions you may have. 
We do a thorough postural analysis and movement assessment. Therefore we can devise a program to best fit your individual body and individual goals.

 All sessions are 50 minutes. 

Cancellation Policy
We understand that unanticipated events happen. In fairness to all and consideration we ask for 24hrs notice for cancellation.
If you miss/late cancel we reserve the right to charge a late cancel fee.


all the

Studio Owner Rates:
Single session: $95
Package of 5: $450
Package of 10: $850

Studio Owner Rates:
Single session: $55
Package of 5: $250
Package of 10: $450

Senior Instructor  Rates:
Single session: $50
Package of 5: $225
Package of 10: $400

Senior Instructor
Single: $85
Package of 5: $400
Package of 10:$750

Reformer Classes: 
Single: $40
Package of 5: $175
Package of 10:$300

Mat Classes:
Single: $20
Package of 5: $95
Package of 10:$180

During a private session we  completely and carefully assess your  individual needs and guide you to optimal functional movement.

One On One


Semi-privates combine the affordability of group classes with the individualized attention of a private lesson.   Requires two people.

Come with a friend, partner or soulmate!


Our Group Reformer & Mat  classes are designed to give you a complete workout that will challenge, energize and help you progress your goals. 

Working Together

Group reformer & Mat

10am Movement Playground (Tamara)


10am Align/Mobility Mat (Tamara)
12pm Mat  (Sue)

Class Schedule

At this time all group sessions will be held virtually until further noticed. Below is our virtual schedule for mat/movement classes.

Coming soon!!


Contact us for more info>

The Loft offers a calm and relaxed environment to teach your  private or small group clients. Our fully equipped Pilates space is perfect for all types of movement & wellness classes/ workshops.

Studio for Hire

Successfully completing a comprehensive Pilates teacher training course is a huge accomplishment and the journey to becoming a amazing Pilates teacher has just begun. Once you start to digest all that you have learned, thousands of questions will start to pop up. Our mentoring program is here to help you translate and apply all that you have learned in to real teaching scenarios. 
We offer support and mentoring during this next critical phase of becoming a Instructor.


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